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January, 1999: transparent school:

Happy New Year, dear Tacos :-)
I hope you had a pleasant winter break and I wish you a successful 1999.

What would you say if your parents were able to control your school performance via Internet??
What would you say if your parents would get a password and with this password could connect to a site where the school publishes certain data about YOU. Your parents could find out whether you came late to class or not at all, which grades you received on written or oral tests, or how well you behave in general. 

This special service to parents is offered by a Catholic private school in Rome, Italy.
Many Italian educators spoke out against this service. Can you imagine why? Most students don't think it's a good idea, either. Why do you think that is? 

How would you react if your school started such a service??
How would you feel? Would you feel watched, controlled, spied on? Do you ever hide anything from your parents? Or do you tell your parents everything anyway and they wouldn't find out anything that they don't already know if they used this service? 

The Teenage_Life community is looking forward to your messages and your dark little secrets :-) 

Kerstin Otto
Teenage_Life moderator

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Last updated March 31, 1999