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TAK DEUTSCH: Themen, die auf deutsch diskutiert wurden.

TAK ENGLISCH: Archiv von Diskussionen auf Englisch:

War Against Iraq: March 18th, 2003: Was it inevitable?

School Shooting in Erfurt: April 26, 2002: Looking for answers. 

Terrorist Attack: September 11, 2001: "War against America"

Dying to be thin: Is beauty linked to thinness?

Presidential Election 2000: A  never-ending story?

Colorado Shooting: How do students grow into killers?

Violence against immigrants: What can we do to help?

Transparent School: Do parents have to know everything?

Bombs on Iraq: Was the attack justified?

Gas Price: How much is enough?

Karla F. Tucker: Thoughts about the death penalty

Piercing: More than just a hole in your body?

Assisted Suicide: The right to end your life?

School rules: Which rules are necessary?

Forbidden Kiss: 6 year old accused of sexual harrassment

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?