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Goldmine Death Penalty

Karla F. Tucker and the death penalty (Feb. 1998) 

Daniela, Beratiye and Schenja, students in Hamburg

Do you think that it was right to kill Karla F. Tucker?... 
The good of the death penalty is that the murderer gets the right punishment. But it's not good to let them wait as long as Karla F. Tucker. They drive them mad. Some of us think it was not good to kill her because the 13 years in prison were enough. We think people change and you can't punish them for things they have done years before. 

Jenny and Anna, students in Hamburg

Hi Daniela, Beratiye u. Schenja
Wir finden, dass Karla F. Tucker nicht haette getoetet werden muessen, denn sie haette genausogut auch lebenslaenglich bekommen koennen... 
Au§erdem haette sie dann nicht 13 Jahre im Gefaengnis sitzen, sondern gleich getoetet werden muessen. 
Wir fanden es auch ruehrend, dass sich so viele Menschen fuer sie eingesetzt haben und sogar vor dem Gefaengnis geblieben sind, bis die Hinrichtung vorbei war und immer noch protestiert haben. 

S., student in Hamburg

Ich finde es nicht so schlimm, dass Karla F. Tucker umgebracht wurde, denn meiner Meinung nach hatte sie es verdient. Man muss sich nur ueberlegen, was sie den Familien und den Angehoerigen der Opfer angetan hat. Ich finde, es war nicht so nett, dass sie sie so lange im Gefaengnis hielten; wenigstens hatte sie Zeit um nachzudenken und ihre Tat zu bereuen. 

Kelly, student in Indiana

My opinion on the death penalty is that if you kill someone, then you should be killed too. Because our justice system is so bad, that someone might rob a store and he gets life in prison, and another person might kill 3 people and only get 7 years in jail. 

Kaveh, student in Hamburg

I think, that the death penalty is not a good idea, because when you kill a person, you are not a better person than the murderer. But the murderer has to be punished. Maybe he can go to prison for a longer time than 15 years, for 20 or 25 years for example. And when the murderer does not want to stay so long, he/she is allowed to choose between the DEATH PENALTY and the 20 years. What do you think? 

Gary, student in Colorado

I think the death penalty is okay for some situations, but not many. It would be better if the person was sent to jail for a long time. It would be best to send the person to jail for the rest of their life, if they have killed more than once. 

Julia, student in Nebraska

Hi, I am Julia from Hastings Nebraska. I do not have a strong opinion either way about the death penalty. Most people who are in prison and are up for the death penalty are probably in there for life, except for California of course. But those west coasters are crazy anyway. 

So what is so wrong with executing people who are sucking up our tax money by being alive. I guess this is a little conceited of me. On the other hand I am a very non-violent person and I think maybe you could torture the criminals another way if someone felt that prison wasn't punishment enough. Like I said I do not have a strong opinion on this subject. I guess I should get one, huh?!