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If you are from Chicagoland and would like to participate in our multimedia projects (stage a virtual visit on the internet / readio production / TV production) please write e-mail to infor@tak.schule.de

War against Iraq

Read  statements by German and American students.

School Shooting in Erfurt

German and American students are talking about the murder of 16 teachers and students in an Erfurt high school.  Register and join the discussion! 
Here you'll find a collection of opinions.

Terrorist Attacks

For the past weeks, young Germans and Americans have discussed the attacks and their consequences. If you'd like to voice your opinion, please sign up for our TAK-Talk forum.
We have already collected many reactions to the terrorist attacks here.

Eating Disorders - Dying to be thin
was our first topic this year. Princess Victoria of Sweden and Lady Diana did it - and more and more girls and women in the western world are also starving themselves to achieve their desired weight loss.

American Voices 2000: American exchange students in Germany answered questions about their experience during their 1999/2000 stay.

American Voices 2001: Is tuna fish pizza "typically American?" Read this year's  letters in our Virtual Exchange Program .

yesterday's news: Migration Magazine for History Teachers:

"Migrations" is the topic of the fall edition of the Magazine of History (The Organization of American Historians).  It includes an article by TAC coordinator Kerstin Otto: "Teaching Migration in a Transatlantic Classroom: A Curriculum-Based Internet Project." 

Last modified: 10 March 2004